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The editorial department of Insider Travel Report (ITR) is managed by James Shillinglaw, Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder.


James is a veteran travel journalist with nearly 30 years’ experience covering the industry. He is also a two-time winner of ASTA’s Travel Journalist of the Year. He served with Travel Agent magazine for 13 years, including nearly seven years as Editor and Editor-in-Chief. He also developed the editorial content and was the launch Editorial Director for, Agent@Home magazine and Vacation Agent magazine during 11 years with travAlliancemedia.

Our online publication and accompanying newsletter has several advantages compared with the competition:


Personalized Content: Each newsletter and homepage article provides readers with news that matches their core business and specialty. Our unique technology delivers news about your company and organization to those travel advisors who are most interested in reading and acting upon it.


Better News Analysis: Our stories provide an “insider” perspective based on James' years covering the industry. We don’t just report the news; we interpret it so our readers can better understand the industry to help them sell more travel.


More Product Reports: We provide more product and destination inspection reports so advisors can better sell to their customers. These reports include guides on how to sell specific cruise ships, hotels, resorts, tours and destinations.​


More Video Content: Every week we feature extensive video coverage of the industry, including short interviews with key travel executives, as well as product and destination videos. No one else does this as well or as often as we do.​

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